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Koste Vlahos, Experienced Photographer

With over a half century of photographic experience, Koste can be trusted to provide images of those special moments in your life.

My Path to Becoming a Professional Photographer

Providing images of pivotal moments in a persons life path.

There was always a certain excitement about waiting until the negatives were processed and then the black and white proofs of those negatives were made. Back then you really did not know just what exactly you had recorded until the proofs were processed.

As the years went by I took pictures for my high school newspaper and yearbook and then on to college and their yearbook and finally as an unofficial photographer on my ship in the Navy. Because I was on a warship there was no billet for a photographer so I was asked if I could provide some of those services.

Once out of the Navy I got a job as a package designs using photography. From there, in 1970 I accepted a position as an apprentice/intern with a very small but prestigious portrait photography studio in Dayton, Ohio.

That relationship lasted 13 years. In 1983 we moved to Hilton Head, South Carolina and opened up a portrait studio. It was indeed a beautiful island with unlimited backgrounds for my customers but business was very slow so in 1985 we moved to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

So from 1985 to 2010 with a short break of nine years, we reopened our studio to a higher standard for quality than ever before. Which leads me to our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

To provide our most valuable customer with an informative account concerning the production of their most personal images in a reasonable length of time at an affordable cost.